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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, everyone. john berman here. in just a few minutes we might find out whether president trump's position last week on new gun laws is president trump's position this week. he is due to address the nation's governors at the white house. he made clear we'll be talking about parkland. less clear exactly what he will push for, what does it mean that he supports stricter background checks. the president seems to have split from the nra on the issue of whether to raise the age to buy a rifle to 21. and may be split from his
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daughter on the issue of arming teachers. our new questions this morning and severe criticism for the law enforcement response to the shooting. the governor of florida wants and investigation into broward county sheriffs department. many lawmakers in florida want sheriff scott israel gone all together for not doing more in response to calls, tips and warnings about the shooter dating back years. the sheriff offering a controversial and at times confusing defense to cnn's jake tapper. our kaylee hartung in parkland, florida, where stients teachers have had a chance to visit the school. >> reporter: they have, john, and that's been an important part of the healing process easing into a week that they are looking at a time of transition. first, the missed warning signs started to pile up here. how many calls did the broward county sheriff receive warning them of the danger that the killer was to himself and others and how were those calls handled. then there was word that the schools resource officer, the
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one armed deputy on the campus on that day chose not to go inside the school while the gunman was active and we learned from the coral springs police their surprise when their officers arrived on the scene on february 14th and saw three other broward county deputies who were in defensive positions behind their vehicles also not going into that school and the moment and this is adding up to a lot of questions that need answers. governor rick scott is now demanding those answers from broward county sheriff scott israel and over the weekend, our jake tapper pressed the sheriff on the responsibility he bears. >> the local sheriffs department have got to be completely transparent. we have to do a thorough investigation and whoever didn't do their job has to be held accountable. >> i've given amazing leadership to this agency -- >> amazing leadership? >> i've worked -- yes he, jake. you don't measure a person's leadership by a deputy not going in to -- these deputies received
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the training they needed -- >> maybe you measure somebody about whether or not they protect the community? >> reporter: a lot of frustration now being aimed at sheriff scott israel. more than 70 republican lawmakers in this state have sent a letter to governor rick scott demanding the sheriff suspension for incompetence and dereliction of duty but the students and the teachers of stoneman douglas who i talked to they have a very different perspective here. they're calling their movement the never again movement. they say firing sheriff israel doesn't mean this won't ever happen again. they're not calling for anybody's job. they're focus remains on the change they want to see, a change in gun laws, that to them is the root of this problem. >> kaylee hartung in parkland, florida right now. let's get over to the white house. katelyn is there. >> reporter: the president is certainly under a lot of pressure to act. he seems eager to do something
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and he says it will be at the top of the agenda today when he's meeting with those governors. the one person who's going to be there is governor rick scott who on friday backed a plan to raise the minimum age in florida to buy a firearm from 18 to 21. that's something that the president had briefly mentioned but has not focused on in recent days and has instead stuck with his big proposal of arming teachers with guns, something he continued to tweet about over the weekend saying those teachers who were armed must be firearms and have annual training. they should get a bonus but one thing the president said this weekend really stuck out and that was that it should be up to the states which implies there would be not be a federal solution here. that is something to keep an eye on today and certainly that's an idea that the president's daughter and senior adviser was asked b. here's what she said on the proposal of arming teachers in schools with guns. >> i think that having a teacher who is armed, who cares deeply
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about her students or his students and who is capable and qualified to bear arms is not a bad idea but it's an idea that needs to be discussed. >> reporter: now all of this pressure on the president shows that his approval rating of his job so far is only at 35% but i should note that in gun owning households 52% of people approve of the job he's done so far on gun policy but what we'll be looking to see if that changes with the new measures that the president is going to be propose here, john. >> his january gains and job approval have evaporated. thanks so much. joining me now caitlin huey-burns, errol louis and patrick healey. guys, as we approach this week with congress coming back into session, the big question, really the only question regarding guns and gun safety is is it different now? is something different that will cause action now?
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in the new cnn poll suggests maybe. 70% in our poll now favor stricter gun laws. this is different than it was after the shooting even in the las vegas in october. 52% then. it's the highest number since back in 1993. so patrick healey, lawmakers coming back, will this be palpable do you think? >> it's unclear whether president trump wants to spend any political capital right now on federal gun legislation. in florida you don't even see republicans who control the house, the senate, the governor's office being willing to come together and talk very seriously about passing some kind of gun control, instead you have this kind of political quagmire that is grown up in which republicans are really focusing on sheriff israel, that's where so much of the conversation is and you have to wonder, okay, the never again movement is it going to be able
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to break through in places like congress, like in florida, like in other states when this is now -- it seems like becoming so much about politics in terms of what the future is of the sheriff, so we're going to see something interesting today in terms of focus and tone from president trump in terms of whether he talks about state solutions and state measures or whether he really puts any kind of pressure on congress on paul ryan, on mitch mcconnell for some kind of solution. >> he just hasn't offered clarity yet. he has said some things but hasn't offered specifics that we will be watching that very closely. more than 70 lawmakers in florida have called for israel to be fired or step aside. those same lawmakers are pushing through the legislature gun control measures. since patrick brought up the issue of the broward county sheriffs. i want to play more of the interview he had with jake, not only did sheriff israel say he's
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been doing an amazing job but he also said this which was confusing. >> do you think that if the broward sheriff's office had done things differently this shooting might not have happened? >> listen if ifs and butts were candy and nuts, you know, o.j. simpson would still be in the record books. >> i don't know what that means. there's 17 dead people and a whole long list of things your department could have done differently. >> i don't know what it means either. kudos to jake for pointing out that it makes no sense at all. errol, what good is a statement like that to the kids and families in parkland, florida? number two, it's a different issue than the gun law debate right now. you can have the discussion about what the law enforcement response should have been differently, clearly it should have. at the same time you have a gun control debate. >> the point of the laws and the policy is to make up for or to anticipate that there may be problems. you can create the best database
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reporting system in the world but if there aren't competent systems in place to activate it when the calls come in it's not going to work. we know that. another approach is to just do away with this issue about whether or not a last minute phone call dumped into a database is going to find its way to the right person who can take action. instead simply get rid of the bump stocks, raise the age, deal with the large capacity magazines, deal with the assault weapons themselves. it's not incompatible. what this is in a lot of ways people diverting the attention from the larger question about the actual laws in policy and saying this one guy was the problem. if it weren't for this one sheriff and his incompetent deputy everything would have been fine. it's far from clear that that's true. >> you can still say they could have done a much better job to fix those problems. i'm going to take a major turn here because there's some other news this morning that i think bears mentioning.
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we played ivanka trump's interview. peter asked ivanka who is a senior adviser in the white house about some of the accusations against the president of the united states. her boss having to do with sexual misconduct. listen to this. >> do you believe your father's accusers? >> i think it's a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he's affirmatively stated that there's no truth to it. i don't think that's a question you would ask many other daughters. i believe my father. i know my father, so i think i have that right as a daughter to believe my father. >> there's a lot in that answer. that's the third time i've heard it. number one, is it an
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inappropriate question to ask a senior adviser to the question. >> absolutely not. the difference between ivanka trump and the obama children, of course, is that ivanka trump is a member of this white house. she's an adviser to the president. she's involved in policy decisions. she is out there in south korea as a delegate. it's not inappropriate to ask her this question and this is the troubling thing about having your children work in the white house, of course, that we've seen over and over again is this gray line of sorts. the other thing that was interesting was she went on to answer the question. >> i just noticed that for the first time. she actually answered the question. >> she said she believes her father over the women and that's pretty news worthy considering that she has positioned herself at least in this white house and in her previous career as a champion of women, remember she really went hard after roy moore and said, you know, there's a special place in hell for people like that. this is, of course, a contrast
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so that's news worthy. >> i think you're right. the headline for a lot of people was she won't answer the question but, in fact, she did and she's saying she doesn't believe the women. patrick, chelsea clinton who was never a senior adviser in the white house, she would get asked that question as well. her answer was a lot the same but she was asked. >> absolutely, john. it's clearly ivanka was referring to chelsea clinton in this sort of, you wouldn't ask other daughters, that was the reference but, in fact, chelsea clinton was asked this question and chelsea clinton like ivanka trump was appropriately asked the question because they were often called upon, both chelsea clinton and ivanka trump to be character witnesses for their fathers. they were often, you know, put in media situations, put in interviews, certainly ivanka trump at the republican convention where she was asked essentially to be a character witness for her father.
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so it's totally legitimate but this moment is very different than the moment that chelsea clinton found herself in, you know, 20 years ago. first of all, ivanka trump is an adviser. she is an adult daughter of president trump. but also you have this piece today this week that monica lewinsky has written in "vanity fair." it really gets at how this moment is so different than what we were experiencing in the '90s in terms of the ability for women to say what happened to them to make claims against powerful men and not be instantly shamed or shunted aside or even smeared by other people even family members. it's perfectly legitimate that ivanka trump believes her father. that is news worthy but it's also not terribly surprising. i would have been very surprised if she said she didn't. the monica lewinsky piece in "vanity fair" does bring you back to a moment where this
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conversation was very different. >> let me actually bring that up because it's as if all the political stars and moon align in one 12 hour period here. this piece by monica lewinsky in "vanity fair" is fascinating. it's smart. it's also very sensitive and revealing about what monica lewinsky has faced over the last 20 years. i recommend everyone read it. i want to focus on one thing that's getting a lot of attention right now. she talks about this idea of consent. i'll go back and read it because i missed the first part. i now see how problematic it was that the two of us even got to a place where there was a question of consent. instead the road that led us there was littered with inappropriate abuse of authority, station and privilege. of course through the lens of the me too movement i think now you can look at this and say, obviously, how could there be consent between president of the united states and an intern. >> in the article it has taken her this long at 44 years old to finally understand that she
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didn't have agency, she wasn't giving consent, that it was wildly inappropriate that there was ever any question about that. she didn't really realize that and it's fascinating. it does speak to not just her personal growth which is very interesting but also the way the conversation is changed over the decades. >> read for that quote there, stay for the description of how she actually met ken starr in a restaurant. it will blow your mind. thanks so much for being with us. dualing memos, both sides of the aisle have had their say so now what? the president reportedly pushing to have his longtime personal pilot head up the federal aviation administration. what do actual industry leader have to say about that? her first public marks of the year, melania trump will get right into the middle of a policy debate and this comes amid new questions about the state of her marriage.
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new this morning democrats released their response to the new nes memo. the president calls it a nothing but it's a nothing he can't stop talking about first in a call to fox news than in a half dozen teets and retweets like this one. the democrat memo response on government surveillance abuse is a totally and political parallel bust just confirms all the terrible things that were done so illegal. joining me now cnn legal analyst paul callahan. i have read both memos. so have you. he calls it a bust. is it? >> no, it's not a bust at all. it's the first time we're seeing a little bit of balance in the presentation of what information was available to the fisa judge when he issued warrants permitting surveillance of carter page. my view of the whole team just to step back for a minute. the saddest thing is the president and the members of the intelligence committee have
6:21 am
really blown up a bipartisan committee that tried to fairly in the past review intelligence issues. how is this committee ever going to cooperate in the future? >> i think in some ways the bigger picture has obscured the memo wars. they're clearly a side show right now. insofar as we're talking about the memo wars, we did learn some things in the democratic memo. carter page was on the radar a long time before the fisa warrant came out. we learned that they had talked to him before the fisa warrant came out. we know the fbi investigation started and we now know the exact language they used in describing the political motivations of the steele dossier. the fbi spec lats that the identified u.s. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit number one's campaign. that is how the fbi said there were political motivations. it doesn't mention the clinton
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campaign but -- >> it's clear as day they're talking about the clinton campaign and they're advising the court, this is opposition research so when you look at it look at it in that context. the reason they're using unnamed u.s. citizen, candidate number one is because the department of justice had a policy of masking american citizens who were used in this process but were not the targets of the surveillance. this is a secret court where american citizens have no rights because they don't hear about what happens. this secrecy is understandable under the circumstances. >> in as far as the veracity and reliableness of christopher steele himself, you've got a lot of experience as a prosecutor and witnesses because that's what steele is but in the fisa application they sort of make clear that steele is at least in their experience reliable? >> absolutely. a lot of prosecutors i've talked to kind of got a chuckle out of this whole thing because in let's say just a garden variety murder case, many of the cases
6:23 am
that you investigate, the person who is your chief witness is someone with a long criminal record who's been unreliable in the past and you may be using that testimony to get a search warrant and look for the murder weapon. here you have a british intelligence agent who was considered to be very reliable in the past who supplied information. now and even he steele in his report when he talk about that salacious stuff that trump gets upset about, he indicates that came from unnamed sources in the soviet union and he wasn't verifying each allegation but simply saying maybe this should be passed along. >> one thing not in the democratic memo that some republicans are pointing to is any effort to refute what was in the republican member that the mccabe said they have never made the fisa warrant application if not for the information in the steele dossier, does that -- what does that tell you? >> the thing -- when i look at
6:24 am
that i have to look at that in the context of the entire process. but we don't have all the information. this is like saying let's have a debate and we're just going to give you bits and pieces of the information. we'll give you whatever bits and pieces we want to give and we'll have that supervise by the president because he's the only one who can declassify the information we get. this is an unfair debate that's been supervised by the president and to ask the american people to reach a decision on it is ridiculous. we don't have the information. >> four straight judges all appointed by republicans and 13 russians indicted by the special counsel for meddling in the u.s. election. great to have you with us. today the nra hitting back at companies ending their discount deals with the nra. the list now includes banks, airlines, car rental agencies.
6:25 am
our chief business correspondent the christine romans joins me now. will the nra feel this impact? >> it's psychological. we got a dozen companies now with all different kinds of stripes and walks of life and business who are saying no we're not going to have discounts any more, special rates or special deals for nra members. the first national bank. you can see there in the middle of your screen, that was a company, a bank in omaha that had a visa brand card. it will not renew that contract. delta saying that it is not going to give any more discounts on flights for nra members and it said in a tweet that they want the nra to remove their information from the nra website. delta does not want to be associated nor does united airlines. the nra hitting back calling this a shameful display of political and civic cowardess by
6:26 am
saying in brands these brands are going to suffer because consumers will find other people to do business and, in fact, there are those on social media, john, who are this morning saying, thank you for putting all those loigz on television. i'm not going to do business with these companies because i support the second amendment. the voices of particularly young people have been very strong, pressuring these companies to sever ties with the nra. i'm not the first one who said in the past couple of days, there's nothing more powerful than an 18-year-old consumer and that is what we're seeing here. these companies want to make sure they don't anger a very powerful political and financial voice. millennials and younger consumers. the stock market will open in three and a half minutes. finishing strong over the weekend. last night we saw european markets and asia markets have opened. some have closed a lot higher. >> christine romans, thank you very much. appreciate it.
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marjory stoneman douglas high school. i'm joined by charlie dent. thank you so much for being with us. you've been in washington more than ten years and you were also retiring which may be frees you up to speak more of your inner most thoughts here. be honest here, how good are the chances of meaningful gun legislation becoming law? >> i'm not particularly optimistic. i would like to be optimistic that we can make reasonable gun safety measures as well as changes to the mental health system. look, the ability of congress to do incremental bipartisan changes on controversial matters has diminished significantly. look at the so-called dreamer, daca issue combined with border issue. that's a 90% issue and we can't get it out of the senate or the house, for that matter. here we are talking about things like banning the bump stock which i certainly support.
6:33 am
i certainly support enhanced background checks consistent with what toomey mentioned. the so-called nics fix. i support raising the age limit. we should also look at some of the issues to mental health about why is it that these particularly young men are not being flagged sooner. these issues have to all be discussed. i'm a possess mystic that something may happen. >> the first two words you said, not optimistic then pessimistic. there's this new cnn poll out that shows 70% of americans right now would like to see some kind of stricter gun laws and this is different than october following the shootings in las vegas. it's also the highest number, 70% since 1993, and yet, you're still pessimistic? >> well, again, like i said,
6:34 am
doing something about dreamers and the daca and border security is an over 80% issue and didn't come out of the senate. i hope i'm wrong. i do hope that we can do something on incremental basis. banning the bump stock and that nics fix. >> how about raising the age to buy an ar-15 type rifle? >> i believe that we should -- we should allow -- we should require that if you're going to buy a high powered rifle. you should be 21 years old. i think we can make those two conform. we might want to have a discussion whether a 12 gauge shotgun should be purchased by an 18 orl 19-year-old put a high powered rifle, 21 for sure. >> who is this on? who would put this over-the-top? is this something that's on the president? is this something that's on your speaker paul ryan? >> well, i would say this, i believe it's very important that
6:35 am
there be strong presidential leadership on issues like this. just going back to the daca debate, when the president came out and through cold water on the one bipartisan proposal that killed it in the senate. if the president comes out forcefully and says ban the bump stock, nics fix, enhance background checks, that would help congress, you know, find the backbone to do something. >> do you feel like you know where he stands on these issues with 100% clarity? >> well, as we know before the president has shifted his positions from time to time. these policy positions do shift. at times he will say things one day and then he'll reverse himself at a later point in time -- >> is that a no? go ahead. >> i'm not clear where the president is on this issue. he did make a comment that he'd like to see the age raise from 18 to 21 and i agree with him.
6:36 am
i hope that's actually the position and it doesn't change. maybe we should be talking about that. i think it's important -- this has been a challenge for this president all along. the president's words are policy and too often with that president that has not been the case. this is a time for the president to stand up, be clear, be unambiguous and lead. >> congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, john. >> good to be with you. another member of president trump's inner circle may be getting a high profile government job. we'll tell you who is eyeing a major upgrade to their resume. stay with me, mr. parker.
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6:41 am
explain. >> reporter: the court has said it will not step in to the daca debate for now. it has denied a request to review a lower court opinion that temporarily blocked the trump administration from trying to terminate that program. so what that means is that the renewals in the program will continue. this case will continue at the lower court level. keep in mind, at issue here was never the legality of document it was about how the trump administration chose to terminate it, chose to phase it out. the challenge says it was arbitrary and the government said that they were in their rights and that the court shouldn't play a role here. for now the supreme court is not going to step in. this is going to continue at the lower court level, john. >> we can hear the demonstrations for and against behind you right now. the immediate impacts of this is people can continue to apply for
6:42 am
renewals and there is no march 5th deadline, correct? congress has been operating under this sort of faux notion that they had until march 5th to pass some kind of deal for dreamers but that doesn't exist right now? >> reporter: the president is mentioned it a lot too but keep in mind a lower court put that on hold and while this issue is before the courts for now, that deadline isn't in play. the renewals can continue. thanks so very much. president trump pushing for his long time personal pilot to become the head of the federal aviation administration, at least submitting his name up for consideration. john duncan who flew the president around, his campaign plane and personal business jet during the campaign is now on the short list for the faa's top job. joining me now, renee march. what's going on here. >> reporter: as you know john
6:43 am
duncan he oversaw the presidential campaigns plane air fleet. he worked as the president's pilot since the late '80s. you remember when trump launched his own airline company which then later folded. according to axios, they are saying that john dunkin is not just a pilot, he's on the list to lead the agency because i'm quoting this official, he's managed airline and corp flight department, certified airplanes from start-up under faa regulations and oversaw the trump presidential campaigns air fleet which included managing all aviation transportation for travel to 203 cities in 43 states over the course of 21 months. so it is clear that the president thinks highly of his long time pilot. if you remember back to february 2017, the president met with top airline executives and he mentioned one of his most trusted sources of information about the nation's aviation system was his own personal pilot. he said and i'm quoting, i have
6:44 am
a pilot who's a real expert. my pilot he's a smart guy. he knows about everything that's going on. certainly there's no question that dunkin has the experience but i have been speaking with people within the industry who say they find this tough to believe that dunkin would be able to get confirmed and get this position. being a piet and running an agency like the faa are two very distinct things. the faa responsible for regulation and oversight of all civil aviation in the united states. it's the agency that essentially makes sure that all flights happen safely. it has a roughly $16 billion budget and roughly 45,000 employees. quite a large agency to take on and so already some in the street, at least to me, questioning whether his pilot, although may be a skillful pilot would be able to take on that task. john? >> there's some people wondering whether this story was leaked
6:45 am
out and floated merely to get the whole idea squelched. thanks so much. in just a few hours, melania trump the first lady, she will be giving a speech on gun control. this will be the first time we will have heard from her in some time. she's speaking at a lunch for the spouses, i should say, of the governor's meeting with the national governor's association. there are two big things going on here. number one, the first lady devilling into a major policy issue, number two it's coming as there have been questions about the state of her marriage. kate bennett for us in washington. >> reporter: true today she is waiting into the gun issue. i hear she's going to speak a bit about the parkland shooting. this is something that even as recently as last week i was told she would not be attending the victims meeting the president had because it was a policy issue and she wasn't going to get involved however she's somehow been effected. her audience of governor spouses
6:46 am
is a chance for her to reach out to those individuals and those individuals in their states to perhaps challenge them to think about gun control and think about children. she's got an opportunity here. this all comes in the wake of a few difficult months for the first lady in terms of headlines and accusations of alleged affairs with her husband and various porn star and playboy playmate. we've seen her quite a bit but we haven't heard from her. it's hard to tell what's going on in any one's marriage. she has split off from him in terms of driving off to the state of the union. she drove separately just the other day when those other salacious headlines broke separately to meet the president at the plane. not walk on the south lawn with him to marine one. there's some indicators that she is acting independently as she always has but she remains the most mysterious character in this trump administration. >> bottom line, we just don't
6:47 am
know but we know what we have seen and what has and hasn't happened and that's just all we have to go by, correct? >> exactly. with this first lady who's not vocal, this is a couple who doesn't tweet back and forth love notes on valentine's day or wedding anniversary like we're used to seeing with the obamas. we sort of have to interpret some of these nonverbal cues that we get specifically from the first lady who is quite good at using them. she's demonstrated sowic silence. when they wasn't to cincinnati a few week ago, instead of going with the president, she did a full day at cincinnati children's hospital on her own. this is not a couple that's joined at the hip whether that says anything about how their marriage is going or whether that's just been the state of their relationship is hard to say. certainly all eyes on the melania trump this afternoon as she gives a very rare speech today from the white house. >> kate bennett in washington. thanks very much. north korea now says it is
6:48 am
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so this morning, the olympics are over. now the hard part begins in terms of lowering tensions on the korean peninsula. a senior north korean official told south korea it is now willing to talk to the united states. this actually follows tough new sanctions imposed by the trump administration. let's get straight to ivan watson who is in seoul, in south korea, for us this morning. ivan is having a hard time hearing me, but go ahead, if you can get a signal.
6:53 am
>> reporter: i got your back there, john. that's right. so we now have the north koreans via south korea saying the door is open to talks with the u.s. and the south koreans are really urging the u.s. to please come and sit down at the table for the u.s. to lower the threshold for talks for north korea, to be open to denuclearization, which it has been firmly opposed to in the past. the white house has said, hey, let's wait and see where this goes. we want denuclearization, we want north korea to get rid of the arsenal of nuclear weapons. on friday, president trump had an ominous warning that he's not sure whether or not the sanctions will work. new sanctions against north korea. if they do not, it would be, quote, very, very unfortunate for the world because it could lead to phase two. hard to make sense of this, also sometimes hard to make sense of some of the messaging coming out of the white house. president trump, as a kennedy, famously said he would be
6:54 am
willing to talk to north korea's leader, kim jong-un, but when he took office and when north korea began firing missiles, conducting another nuclear test in september of last year, we started to get into this cycle of insults coming from president trump, coming from the north korean leader as well, and also mixed messages from rex tillerson, the secretary of state, saying he would be willing to talk to the north koreans without preconditions, and then his own president undercutting tillerson saying that's a waste of time. basically there has been an unusual series of moments where you've had top u.s. and north korean officials sharing a vip box at the opening and closing ceremony of the winter olympics here. not talking to each other. those olympics are now over. we know that the u.s. and south korea are scheduled to hold joint military exercises after the paralympics, which will take a few more weeks now.
6:55 am
and i think that's why the south koreans are concerned and they want both sides to sit down and start talking because if you start those military exercises, again, you could very easily disintegrate into another series of threats and insults and lose some of the momentum that has been built here. >> change the atmosphere to be sure. ivan wattsen in south korea for us, thank you very much. she survived the shooting mass kerks shot multiple times and now speaking for first time. we're there live.
6:56 am
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7:00 am
all right, good morning, everyone. john berman here. very shortly we could get a signal from the president about just how far he's willing to go to change gun laws in the wake of the parkland massacre. he's due to address the nation's governors shortly. you're looking at live pictures of the white house. it will happen there within the next few minutes. also, any minute, a student who was wounded in the attack that claimed 17 lives will speak to reporters for the first time from the hospital that saved her life. madeleine willford was shot multiple times. she was among those visited by the president days after the shooting and on saturday, she was featured in an e-mail sent out by the president's re-election campaign, complete with a link to a campaign donation page. cnn's kaylee hartung in parkland, florida. her story of survival, her fight to recover is truly, truly remarkable. >> reporter: it is, john.


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